A Pathless Path

Have you ever been living comfortably, in a way that makes lots of “sense,” then suddenly found yourself inexplicably compelled to turn off this seemingly certain, comfortable path toward a murky unknown?

I have done this. Repeatedly. In hindsight, I marvel that I followed those deeply felt, illogical impulses that my rational mind could not comprehend.

What compels any of us to leap toward the irrational, heedless of fear?

In following these deep impulses in myself, then witnessing the magic that unfolds as a result, I’ve come to see these intuitive “hits” that emerge beyond rational explanation as calls from the soul…divine directives.

They emerge like golden, internal threads that must be followed, to fulfill what seems like a deep, almost hidden purpose in this lifetime. They seem to be intersections between physical reality and the stuff of mythology, legend and dreams.