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As is the human body, so is the cosmic body.

 — The Upanishads
Sacred Anatomy Retreats
Experiential Inquiries into the Infinite Intelligence of Finite Form

These offerings blend scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom with stunning visuals, music, poetic reflective, contemplation, and creative activities. Through live and multimedia storytelling, imaginations are enlivened, conversations are inspired, and we come to feel and celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty of life. 

To this experiential storytelling, Helen brings an essence of quantum physics, biology, mathematics, and sacred texts into lived understanding. She makes the complex not simple, but accessible, which invites new levels of appreciation for and direct experience of the Great Mystery.

In exploring the connection between atom and cosmos, between human body/mind and cosmic body/mind, between micro and macro we become aware of our Sacred Anatomy. Doing so helps us to take our rightful place in the Web of Life, with reverence for the vast Intelligence to which we all belong.

Reflections From a Day of Sacred Anatomy...

It was such a wonderful and rich offering for me!

The energy Helen has around Sacred Anatomy lights up the room and gets others excited and curious. I enjoyed the teaching, the exercises, and the sharing. It was confirmation of what I am hearing and experiencing!

— Retreat Participant

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