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Naked Conversations: Women Uninterrupted

WHY THIS PODCAST? We know we're not alone in our desire for authentic conversations, outside the divisive din of mainstream media; and we think that meeting each other with more depth and compassion around difficult and everyday topics will move us beyond the old stories that have brought humanity to our current evolutionary brink.

While some might challenge the notion that conversation is a catalyst for real change, we trust this most humble of actions is precisely what's needed to dismantle what doesn't work and cultivate a more inclusive and sustainable way of being.


Lisa Fitzhugh

Lisa has an increasingly hard time writing bios because she keeps wondering if any of it is really true.


Here’s what she does know. In the evolutionary tidal wave we find ourselves in, she hopes to serve others by pollinating and incubating transformation—both for individuals and organizations. She spent the last 8 years practicing and leading culture change in government and is taking a much needed break. 


She has the greatest certainty about the fact that she’s the mother of a remarkable young adult and the daughter of a pioneering and generous artist. ​You can contact Lisa here.

Helen Lowe

Helen learns best when engaged in dialogue with others. Of all her roles, she resonates most consistently with catalyst and storyteller, being drawn to narratives that empower and provoke understanding.


Despite the sedative effects of her father's bedtime “boring talk” and countless clipped articles her mother offered as alternative “punishment," she's grateful for parents who nurtured her love of learning…the sort encountered when we deeply listen to what life is teaching us. You can connect with Helen here.

Creative Catalyst
Bellingham + Seattle, WA
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