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Belonging is your superpower.

The Wheel of Wisdom
a Sacred Geometry of Belonging

The Wheel of Wisdom is a sacred geometry of belonging that came through my creative channel and has taken physical form in a book and deck of oracle cards. The Wheel illuminates cosmic archetypes that are at play in all human beings and throughout the natural world. In creative coaching sessions, these cards are an effective tool to open a creative channel to your own higher knowing, making visible the blocks that are often hidden and directing your attention to what you might otherwise overlook. 

Wheel of Wisdom oracle readings are also available without creative coaching, to help you to see the benevolent forces at play in your life, and to align with your inner wisdom. That, in turn, strengthens the feeling of belonging and empowers you to share your heart and mind, and take creative action in a world that needs your full participation!


The Wheel heralds a new era of creative potential. Humanity is in the throes of what has been called "ascension," an incremental process of awakening. We are being urged to co-create a new paradigm of greater love, harmony, and wholeness. The Wheel and its Muses of Belonging are here to support our awakening, helping us live into our best potential future.


More About the Sacred Geometry of Belonging

While the actual number of archetypes in the universe is unfathomable, there are nine archetypes that have long prevailed within the human psyche — each one expressing recognizable characteristics. The Enneagram of Personality has referred to those patterns as human “fixations” or “passions.” The Wheel of Wisdom invites us to perceive them as aspects of a vast cosmic Intelligence, and discover how each one of them is always influencing our experience of belonging. 

In the Soul Octave of existence, those nine archetypes are divine principles—part of the etheric blueprint for life in our universe. That cosmic template is manifest in the Nature Octave, where those same nine archetypes are expressed as innate powers within the earthly realm. At the Human Octave, those archetypal energies are like the colors of an artist’s palette, used to exquisitely paint our distinct character. The Wheel of Wisdom suggests that belonging is the impetus of every archetype, at each octave of existence.


But you don't need to perceive all the facets of its structure to receive and apply the Wheel's insight in your life!


What is good to understand is that, at the Human Octave, your character is your own unique masterpiece—an intricate and subtle combination of animating qualities from each of the nine archetypes. When your sense of belonging is thwarted by alienation, the radiance of those archetypal characteristics gets dimmed or inverted. But their luminosity will quickly return and increase as you feel related to life once again.


Oracle readings and coaching offer a means to recognize where you are feeling cut off from the creative flow of belonging, so that you can more fully become your luminous and naturally creative self. 

My Relationship with the Wheel of Wisdom

The Wheel made itself known to me through a sequence of experiences that I can only describe as mystical. In 2018, I was in the midst of a tremendous personal transition. I felt that I was living "between time" and was increasingly receptive to trusting my subtle perceptions.


During that period, I'd taken on the personal project of sharing my own perspective of the Enneagram of Personality with a few friends. To do that, I'd decided to create some visual aids. One day while I was contemplating the Enneagram geometry—a shape that looks a bit like a tiara resting on a triangle—I noticed my mind was trying to bend the arms of the tiara into triangles.


An inner knowing indicated that something about the Enneagram was evolving. I felt 'guided' to draw a geometry of four equilateral triangles, and quickly had the sense that this form was showing me something essential about the nine cosmic archetypes referenced in the Enneagram.


Until that moment, sacred geometry had only been a noun—forms and patterns said to structure all of the natural world. I hadn’t known that sacred geometry could also be a verb, yet I'd unwittingly stepped into the ancient tradition of communing with this vast Intelligence. I was 'conversing' with geometry. Through a kind of imaginal dialogue I quickly found myself under the tutelage of this source of wisdom far beyond my lived experience—something I would eventually call the Wheel of Wisdom (WoW). The Wheel's full-color form emerged quickly, but comprehending its structure and translating its key messages took far longer.


Over the years, when questions or curiosities have arisen within me, the Wheel's responses are often swift. Yet each reply is meant to be examined. I have always felt encouraged to "try on" and observe every morsel of insight I'm given, to discern its veracity for myself.

As I've learned from this gentle Intelligence, my WoW cards have evolved to reflect that learning. I'd originally envisioned them as a simple teaching tool, not a means of divination. Yet the cards now have a potent transmission as an oracle. They allow people to receive the Wheel's message in a way that connects to their own wisdom...the very thing the Wheel has always done for me.  

It is an honor and privilege to share the Wheel of Wisdom with others, and I trust that those who are ready to hear its message will find the best way to connect.

Me & The Whel
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