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WHAT IS VIBRATIONAL ACTIVISM? We wanted to know what would happen if a small group of people joined together in a shared intention to align with the vibration of peace, as a means of contributing peace to this embattled world. 


Most Tuesday mornings we gather on Zoom, as “friends and strangers,” for a meditative journey into imagined landscapes, where we allow the natural world to guide and support our aim. We enjoyed the experience so much that we turned this meditative activism into a podcast, to help increase the peace

We believe that by coming together with open hearts and a shared intention, small groups of people are a powerful force for good in the world. We may never know the ways our experiments ripple into the lives of others, but we can witness how they ripple through our own lives...and we like it!


Please join us live and/or join us via podcast!

If you like this offering, please consider making a 
financial contribution.

Helen & Stephen

Creative Catalyst
Bellingham + Seattle, WA
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