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Creative Coaching

The felt sense of belonging is your deepest creative well. Using the Wheel of Wisdom as our framework and its oracle cards as our point of departure, coaching draws out your wise, creative self and helps you live into your vision of a new project, product, business, partnership, or way of living.


Together we'll establish your creative goals, challenges, and desires for support. Our working relationship will unfold and adapt to your needs over time. Initially, working weekly or bi-weekly might be most beneficial. Monthly or quarterly might be a better rhythm for you. You decide. My aim is to help you make and keep a commitment to yourself and your creative process that compassionately brings you to your creative edge: that place where discovery and insight arise and enable you to grow and evolve in meaningful and rewarding ways.

Sessions are from 60 minutes to 2 hours. My fee is $100 to $150 an hour. Within that range, you decide the amount that is most aligned with your life circumstances.

Oracle Readings

The Wheel of Wisdom oracle is designed to stimulate your deep imagination and help you access your own highest knowing, with assistance from the 40 cards of the oracle deck. Readings are not intended to predict the future; they are about turning on your inner GPS. They help you to recognize benevolent forces that are always guiding you, when you are open to them.

One-person readings are 1 hour and provide insight into a specific issue or area of concern in your life. They reveal your current relationship with belonging and help you connect to your rootedness, security, and purpose. ($120 USD)

Two-person readings are 2 hours and  ideal for couples, friends, and business partners. We'll look at a primary issue, question, or area of concern in your relationship and find what strengthens and weakens your individual sense of belonging, and thus, your creative collaboration. ($240 USD)

Coaching/Consulting Clients

"Smart. Creative. Collaborative. Helen is an insight generator."


"Working with Helen has truly been a catalyst for my own creativity, helping me move through internal blocks that kept me from comfortably (and broadly) sharing my gifts with others. Her attentive presence and penetrating questions draw out my creative expression."


"Helen skillfully brings the unseen world into the present, where it can become conscious. She helps you dive in deep waters within a safe container."


"With rare skill you took my old stories, wounds and tired beliefs and held these dark gems up to the light, revealing beauty and astounding insight. It was not always an easy or fun process, but you helped me shed my heavy armor and held up my heart, showing me it is beautiful."


"Helen is a great distiller…intuitively, she helps you find your true essence."


"So much is opening up for me as a result of working together. How fortunate I feel to be on the journey with you."


"Helen is a calming presence and provides gentle guidance toward insights. Her energy is absolutely amazing. Magical."


Oracle Clients

“I am pretty speechless about the depth of the reading you just gave me. Really profound. It has given me much food for thought, journalling and a direction for taking action and more responsibility for my changes."


"I have felt resistant to being ‘typed' with the Enneagram, but the Wheel invites a sense of curiosity and exploration. It's shed new light on the various strategies I've used to protect myself from feeling, when feeling has not been safe."


"The Wheel's multidimensional insight has informed how I see and understand myself and my innate gifts, and I’m developing self-compassion for the shadows that accompany them. I'm more adept with holding a big picture of my evolution, AND loving myself without shame when I notice those shadows."


"Days later the reading is not only still with me but it’s opening up a perception of myself in the world that finally makes sense."


"Exploring these archetypes with you has surfaced gratitude and compassion for my 'go to' strategies. I'm finding myself more keen and quick to notice when I am protecting, and consider whether that protection is necessary."


"These readings really stick with me more than so many other readings I’ve had!"


“Thank you so much for the insights that came through the Wheel of Wisdom. I have been highly recommending an oracle reading to my friends!"

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To Schedule a Complementary Intro Call
Email or Dial 206 . 683 . 6779

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