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Unity: The Movie

This film arrived in perfect time. I was contemplating my participation in the energetic flows of Life, when I came across the trailer (below) and immediately downloaded and watched the movie.

The filmmakers have stitched together an exquisite tapestry of images, sounds, and words to convey the overt and subtle (the macro and micro, the sacred and profane) aspects of Unity.

It’s not a film intended to distract or entertain—it invites our contemplation. One of the many voices asks us to consider that “the world is trying to learn a lesson.” We are the world. So if the world is to learn this lesson, we must participate.

Our participation is not always easy, nor is it convenient, but it is beautiful and powerful beyond measure. Each of us has the choice, in every moment, to re-enact our (collective) past or contribute to our (collective) evolution…we are in this together.




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