Moved to Meditate

I am a mover. Insights often come to me when I’m moving—walking, talking, showering, even washing dishes. Movement connects me to my s/Self in profound ways. Although I relish the simplicity of witnessing my thoughts, emotions, body, and breath from a place of internal stillness, meditation practices I grew up with all focused on external stillness, which sometimes feels oppressive to me.

This tension between stillness and movement made my quest for a regular meditation practice a struggle for most of my adult life. You see, I’d bought into a story that sitting still was the “right” way to meditate and, given my attachment to doing things right, I put myself in a bind.

A liberating consequence of waking up from my trance of external focus is that my grip on a perception of “right” and “wrong” is relaxing and, increasingly, I look for a subtle internal perception to guide my choices.

By giving myself greater permission to find my own way, I have found that writing and dancing can be pleasurable and effective meditative practices too.

As it is with sitting meditation, I use my dance and stream-of-consciousness writing practices to witness