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We Are Comm-Unity

In the heart of community, there is unity…the many coming together as one. The body itself is a large community of many smaller communities—cells that form organs, bones, muscles, blood, etc.—all networked together for a common purpose.

Individual bodies come together to form even larger communities—families, neighborhoods, countries, species—like Russian dolls, each smaller community fits inside a larger one. Each affects the other and each contributes (like it or not) to our greater whole.

While all these communities have tangible, physical structures, they also have a more subtle presence or “field of energy.” Science can measure many of these energy fields, but even those not (yet) measured by science can be felt.

Think about a time you’ve entered a place and instantly not liked the “vibe” and wanted to leave. What you are feeling is a community of energies coming together to create an energetic field…and, in this case, it’s one you don’t like.

In other instances, you may immediately love the “feel” of a place and want to return again and again. You are enjoying the energy there.

Consider if you will the multitude of community “fields” to which you add your energy, perhaps without any awareness…

You contribute to the energy field of your family, your neighborhood, the place you work, the broader industry of that work, the individuals, communities, and other industries your work touches. Think of how you contribute to our culture at large, through your style of dress, your words, your food choices. Every single action you take and thought you transmit is loaded with energy. Contemplating the ways our energy contributes to the world—consciously or not—boggles the mind.

We “invest” our energy every moment of our lives in a multitude of ways. Wisely investing those “energy dollars” sends positive ripples through the field of our own bodies, our families, our social, professional and civic networks, and our world at large.

When we consciously come together and collectively contribute our energetic currency toward a common purpose, the impact of our individual contributions is multiplied exponentially. This is something we actively explore in my meditation circles. These evenings of guided meditation magnify the energy in our individual lives, positively “charge” our collective field, and ripple that energy out to every other field we touch.

This is the power of comm-unity.

Photo Copyright : Kittikun Atsawintarangkul



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