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Belonging is your superpower.

Welcome to Creative Catalyst.

My work here aims to help you map, navigate, and nourish your complex ecosystem of belonging.

Guided by a mysterious and beneficent Intelligence called the Wheel of Wisdom, I've learned to recognize a sacred geometry at play in human belonging. When we feel deeply connected to the world inside and around us, our energy and creative capacities soar. We have greater respect for and trust in ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

The Wheel of Wisdom heralds a new era of enormous potential for humanity, as we struggle to collectively awaken to our ultimate Oneness. In this time of Great Turning, the Wheel is here to help us recognize and honor our place in the Universe, so we can more fully collaborate with the benevolent, unseen forces of Life. 

~ Helen

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Retreats & Ceremonies

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