Life is asking us to transform

Metamorphosis isn’t easy, yet it’s how we grow wings.


Supporting individual evolution

Live and relate from your deepest purpose

GUIDANCE for Living Soulfully

COACHING for Leading Unconventionally

MENTORING for Facilitating Courageously

When life is inviting your spiritual, emotional, and relational  evolution, Helen Lowe is an ally to help you better see and understand the confines of your habitual-self, and cultivate the conditions for a more essential, potent self to emerge.  

"A journey of a thousand miles starts under one's feet."
—Tao Te Ching/Mitchell

Fostering group transformation

Cultivate healthy, heart-centered, and creative organizations & communities

    FACILITATION for Relating Resiliently

Because the state of our world requires our full participation and collective intelligence, Helen Lowe facilitates retreats & workshops in which people feel safe to move beyond the perceived safety of social conventions and access the highly creative and transformative mystery of a deeper wisdom.

"The wise see that something perfect exists before any move is made."
— Hua Hu Ching/Walker

My approach to living, and my work with individuals and groups,

synthesizes and puts into embodied practice

decades of study and training in

somatic psychology and integral theory,

systemic constellations and the enneagram of personality,

as well as perennial wisdom from many mystical traditions.

The Art of Being

Mini-Book + Meditation

Receive free download access to this little eBook and a 16-min meditation with guidance for 'tuning-in' to the subtle music of life. 

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