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Your assignment from the universe:

Create a constellation map of the stars you see in your inner cosmos

 — Yumi Sakugawa
Soul in Personality: An Evolving Enneagram

Three Primary Instincts, Feelings, and Questions; Nine 'Shades' of response; and Three Keys That Unlock the Power of Human Personality.

About 50 years ago the Enneagram of Personality emerged as a sacred geometry that makes visible fundamental "fixations" or "passions" (shadows) of personality—its roots in both psychological and mystical traditions. In the decades since, it has become a tool used by coaches, organizational consultants, therapists, spiritual directors, and others because it offers insight into our styles of relating, playing, and working.


Yet, in nearly two decades that I've been a 'student' of the Enneagram, I've witnessed that, as it is with all things, the Enneagram of Personality is transformative only to the extent one can truly integrate the wisdom in their lived experience. This, in my observations, is often rather limited.

In imagining a new way of relating with the Enneagram, I discovered that by adding three 'key' points to the ancient 9-pointed symbol, we create a 'wheel of wisdom.' Using this wheel can help us melt frozen personality patterns and free up vital energy, which can cultivates greater emotional maturity, compassion, creativity, and wisdom.

Using a colorful deck of cards I've created, this work is an experiential journey into the foundations of personality. It reveals that not of us are a single "type" but rather a constellation of energies that express through us as both "shadow" and "shine."

Your approach to the enneagram is beautifully multidimensional, and your perspective of my “type” has informed my life in many ways. By seeing and understanding my innate gifts, I’m developing self-compassion for the shadows that accompany them.


I am becoming more adept with holding a big picture of the evolution… Perhaps the biggest gift you have given me is the awareness to tune in when I am being critical and have a good look at what I’m really wanting in those moments, AND to love myself without shame over those shadow sightings.

SALLEY | Enneagram Consulting Client

Map the Constellation of Your Personality...and Evolve It

Individual Enneagram consultations and Embodied Enneagram Labs are designed to suit the unique needs of each individual and group.

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