If we surrendered to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.

 — Rainer Maria Rilke
Barrows/Macy translation

A Habitat That Re-Connects Humans To What Matters

"The Land" is envisioned as an ecological sanctuary for humans to rest, restore and re-connect to Life—a place where people are nourished by and practice serving Love, honoring our relationship with Earth.


THE MISSION: Collaboratively cultivate whole-some food, shelter, and a soulful habitat that honors wild-life and supports residents, overnight guests, and day visitors in awakening to the essence of Being.



  • Presence…being present to life is our priority

  • Respect…all forms of life receive our consideration and care

  • Relationship…open-hearted connection with self and others is our aim

  • Authenticity…revealing and accepting what-is is our commitment

  • Sustainability…local community and future generations factor into all our choices


INTIAL PROJECT SCOPE: The Land is anticipated to be in Whatcom Country (near Bellingham, WA), with up to four residential stewards mindfully tending to the needs of wild-life, cultivating food, and guiding personalized overnight-retreats and small-scale experiences that offer practice in the art of being.


The Land project currently welcomes partnership with an area land trust or other non-profit that can offer insights, expertise, and a level of environmental guidance, as well as fiscal sponsorship to allow for tax-deductible donations. The intention is that our fiscal sponsor ultimately receive title to the land, ensuring its protection beyond the life cycle of the project.



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