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If we surrendered to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.

 — Rainer Maria Rilke

Habitat for Re-Membering What Matters

Welcome to Cedar Springs Lodge & Retreat Center, where we are co-creating with Nature a space for humans to practice relating with self, others, and the natural world in more generative and harmonious ways.


In the light-filled Skagit River Valley of Washington state, Cedar Springs offers an ecological sanctuary in which to rest, restore, and re-connect to the deep undercurrents of Life. This magical place supports transformation. It encourages us all to remember what is most essential and courageously discover our unique geniusmedicinebeauty—that which we are meant to share with the world. As we see it, this is how the Great Turning will give way to a Great Blossoming on planet Earth.


We invite you to visit, and cultivate your inner garden. Call or email Helen to discuss pricing, availability, and your intentions.

~  Helen & Stephen


Personal Retreats & Journeys

We offer a limited number of opportunities to stay with us in the Farm House for personal retreat. We will work with you to design an experience that allows you to sink in and receive the deep medicine of this place.

In addition to solo time on the Land, you may choose to receive a Wheel of Wisdom Oracle reading, engage in an Art Inquiry process, Musical Integration, or other gently-guided experiences to enhance your retreat.


Stephen Podry has taught and facilitated arts-based experiences for over 20 years, including 14 years directing arts-based literacy and parenting programs for incarcerated mothers. A musician, writer, and practitioner of shamanic arts, he offers a wide range of creative modalities for deepening the experience of being alive, including processes for relating with nature and the unseen

Helen Lowe is ever deepening her artistry as an improvisor in the art of being. She works with people to expand and deepen their own creative engagement with life. Using her Wheel of Wisdom oracle process, and a variety of artful methods, individuals, couples, and teams are supported to understand and strengthen their felt sense of Belonging.


Collaboratively contribute to a sanctuary that honors all life and supports
humans in awakening to the sacred essence of being alive.



Being present to life is our priority.


Open-hearted connection with self and others is our aim.


Revealing and addressing What Is is our ambition.


Respect and care for all beings (past, present, and future) are central to our choices..

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