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There have been great societies that did

 not use the wheel, but there have been 

no societies that did not tell stories. 

 — Ursula K. Le Guin

Uncovering the Story of Your Work

Together we discover and articulate the stories you need to share.
Historically, entrepreneurs and organizations have crafted a mission/vision statement and accompanying key messages in order to market their products or services. Most often, this practice doesn't consider the many mental, emotional, environment and relational factors at play, and leads to empty words and images that neither communicate the soul of the work nor touch the souls of potential customers/clients.


Our work together uncovers the essence of what you provide, and helps you name it, appreciate it, refine it, talk about it, and share it more broadly with a world that wants what you have to offer. 


Storyteller by training and profession----first making film/tv, then making multimedia for global non-profits----and former head of visual communications at the world's largest foundation, I've listened to, watched, and learned from hundreds of people, all over the world, and crafted stories about their lives and work. This background informs how I work with entrepreneurs, artists, healers and professionals of all kinds---and their businesses, organizations and communities of practice.

From my perspective, storytelling isn't about telling people what you think they want to hear; it's about uncovering and communicating what is. This essential distinction lifts stories out of the domains of selling or proselytizing and into the realms of learning, sharing, and inspiring.


In partnering with you, my job is to sensitively listen to the narrative inside your work, your heart, your organization, and guide a process through which you come to recognize and articulate the vital story that your work wants to express to the world. 

"Smart. Creative. Collaborative. Helen is an insight generator."

Kevin Corcoran, Communications Strategy Director | Lumina Foundation

"Working with Helen has truly been a catalyst for my own creativity, helping me move through internal blocks that kept me from comfortably (and broadly) sharing my gifts with others. Her attentive presence and penetrating questions draw out my creative expression."

Martha Hamilton | Executive Coach, Facilitator, Author

"Helen was an effective leader of a rather discriminating group of smart people. Participants felt heard and thought the workshop offered them
a valuable process and product!"

Lisa A. Johnson, MD, Clinical Professor | University of Washington

Discover, Articulate and Share Your Story

Authentic Storytelling services by the hour, day, or project.  

Workshops designed to uniquely suit the goals of your organization.

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