Three Muses of Belonging

Tending Our Connection to Life

Autumn/Winter Series: November 2021 to January 2022

How does belonging influence every relationship, interaction, and choice you make?

This series invites you to reflect on the nature of belonging, the invisible threads weaving you into the fabric of life. Together we will create a spacious and compassionate community in which to explore our unique and shared experiences of belonging—to ourselves, to others, to nature, and to All-That-Is. 


On this journey we will discover the cost of feeling our belonging, and the inevitable price that is extracted when we don't. We will be supported in our endeavor by 'Three Muses of Belonging' who inspire us to grow beyond our illusions of separation and become more grounded, inclusive, and creative members of Earth's community. 

Dedicated "learning triads" will be encouraged to meet monthly, on their own, between our Saturday gatherings. This additional small-group support is intended to deepen individual exploration and expand our collective insight.

Meeting via Zoom will allow us to transcend a number of potential barriers to meeting in-person. Having facilitated gatherings on Zoom since 2018, I've learned that (when skillfully used) the technology supports an intimate and emotionally safe environment in which community can flourish! 

Friday, November 19 | 7pm to 9pm


November 20, December 11, January 8, and January 22
9am to 1pm

Stillpoint at Beckside Spirituality Center is our host for this offering.
Suggested Exchange for the Series is $100 to $200*
PLUS Your Commitment to Full Participation


20 Spaces Available - $50 Deposit Requested with Reservation
*You are asked to contribute an amount that balances your heart and financial means. 
No one turned away for lack of funds.
For work-exchange and scholarship info, please contact Linda Conroy of Stillpoint.

This exchange-offer is made possible through the substantial support of a generous sponsor.

The pandemic continues to financially impact many of us who work to bring people together. This is but one game-changing circumstance urging humanity to pause and consider what we most need and value, and to align our financial and energetic resources accordingly. Together, this is how we will cultivate the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.