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What's Your Story?

a class to help you express what you do

In this online class you will receive tools, reflection, and encouragement to see yourself from different points of view and craft a narrative, a pitch, and/or other content that illuminates what you bring to the world. Your solo homework will be paired with group activities in an environment that is emotionally safe and accepting of the often messy creative process. 

As an organizational storyteller for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others, Helen traveled the world interviewing hundreds of people—from heads of state to AIDS patients, vaccinologists to shop keepers, high school students to climate scientists—gathering different perspectives and crafting stories that helped people expand their view of the world and advocate for change.  

With over twenty years experience cultivating nurturing group experiences, Helen’s classes balance reflection and action, dreaming and creating. To this offering she brings her background leading writing groups and designing and facilitating storytelling workshops for interest groups and other professionals.

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