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Feeling is the best hearing.

Together we will map, navigate, and nurture your belonging.

Accelerated change and discord in our world are encouraging more of us to surrender old ways of being that have severed us from a deep and harmonious sense of belonging. This work will assist you to discover and practice new ways of being that increase inner equanimity and reduce your experience of outer turbulence.

Our sessions will explore your unique relationship with three distinct yet interrelated aspects of human belonging: Social, Somatic, and Intimate. You'll become aware of your unique ways of increasing and diminishing your sense of each. You'll come to see fear, anger, and sorrow as trusted allies that help you align with your innate safety, freedom, and value. 

In each session you will learn to view your challenges, large or small, through the lens of belonging, so that you can determine where it's currently fragile and in need of tending. You'll then be supported and encouraged in a range of contemplative and artful practices that nurture and strengthen your experience of belonging, so that you can make full use of that creative superpower. 


“Helen brings the depth of a Jungian approach to her work. She skillfully brings the unseen world into the present where it can become conscious. She helps you dive in deep waters within a safe container.”

C. Sarver | Educator, Healing Professional

"Working with Helen has truly been a catalyst for my own creativity, helping me move through internal blocks that kept me from comfortably (and broadly) sharing my gifts with others. Her attentive presence and penetrating questions draw out my creative expression."

M. Hamilton | Coach, Author, Facilitator

"So much is opening up for me...and the pace of my increased awareness and change is remarkable. My own facilitation is changing as I change. How fortunate I feel to be on the journey with Helen."

M. McKeirnan | Artist, Ceremonialist

These are a few of the modalities

and perspectives that inform my work:

  • The Wheel of Wisdom's
    Geometry of Belonging

  • Sufi, Taoist, Buddhist &
    Christian Gnostic Mystical Traditions

  • Indigenous Wisdom

  • Somatic (Body) Psychology

  • The Enneagram of Personality

  • Systemic/Family Constellations

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

  • Spiral Dynamics

  • Integral Theory

  • Performing & Improvisational Arts

  • Writing from the "Wild Mind"

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