Awakening is

closing the gap between

who we are and

who we think we are




Your exploration in personal sessions encourages and supports you to connect to your highest wisdom and...


  • Claim your self-authority and compassionate power

  • Embody and express your innate gifts

  • Enrich your personal and professional relationships

  • Fluidly respond to life's challenges and transitions

Together we cultivate deep, inner listening. This level of presence brings to light the essence of your longings and your obstacles. The relational vessel we co-create in our sessions supports you to witness, feel, and transform that which binds you. 

Drawing on decades of study, training and personal practice in embodying timeless wisdom in my own life, I offer perspectives, practices, and other resources that we'll explore in session.


One of those resources is a 30+ question framework that I've developed to provoke your inquiry. Considering these Catalyst Questions helps us surface and articulate your distinct gifts, and identifies the supports you may need to more fully express your genius, your unique gifts in the world.


You might think of me as a soul-ally, inspiring and supporting you to develop and deepen intimacy with yourself. As you practice recognizing, accessing, and trusting your Innate Wisdom, your sense of freedom and connection ripple out to enrich all aspects of your life.



LOCATION: Sessions are available by phone, video call, or in-person in Bellingham WA.

SESSION TIME: 90 minutes


EXCHANGE RATE: $110-160 (sliding scale)

QUESTIONS? Schedule a complementary 15-minute call to discern if my offering is right for you.