Responsibility does not deny freedom,

they go together. Freedom is the total harmony

in which responsibility is as natural as

the flower in the field.

 — J. Krishnamurti 




When we see the world as it is, when we see ourselves as we are, we recognize that we are all in this life together, and divisive "business as usual" chafes our conscience.

In the midst of our great quickening, in which old paradigms are crumbling faster than new ones emerge, each of us is being asked to evolve and fashion new paradigms. That requires imagination, not imitation.  

This is our immense, soul satisfying work to do right now. Resilient, respectful, self-responsible leaders can cultivate resilient, respectful, self-responsible organizations. Through collaboration we can create new realities--new ways of living and working that are in harmony with each other and with our planet. By embodying our response-ability, we can become the change we seek. 


My work with leaders and organizations supports them to align their business culture with their deepest values. This is the enormous work of global transformation: countless small acts of personal and organizational change. 

Organizational clients include...

  • Teaching & Training Organizations

  • Health & Wellness Clinic

  • Independent Attorney & Healthcare Providers 

  • Consulting & Counseling Professionals 

My consultation with leaders often utilizes a 30+ question framework developed to provoke inquiry into the essence of themselves and their organizations. These Catalyst Questions surface their authentic mission and vision, and bring greater clarity to their core values and strengths. The questions also reveal outdated conditioning and the habits that drain energy and limit effectiveness. Once insights are surfaced, we identify the supports needed to work in more satisfying (thereby successful) ways.


My organizational facilitation promotes collective reflection, creative visioning, communication skill-building, and authentic team-building. Using presentations, reflection questions, guided exercises, and group dialogue, I've supported diverse professional groups through a variety of changes. 

I've also worked extensively with organizations to articulate internal and external stories that educate and inspire.


If you're intrigued, let's schedule a call to discuss how we can collaborate to "be the change."

Service fees for organizational consulting and facilitation differ from personal sessions and is billed either by project or by the hour, plus travel/expanses.