An Ensemble for Experiential Research

Creatively Explore 12 Archetypes of Self Within a Mystical Wheel of Wisdom


Please respond by April 15th

I am seeking 12 collaborative participants for an unconventional research project that will experientially explore 12 archetypal energies that appear foundational to human personalities.


Our research will rely on the intelligence of our bodies and direct personal experience to gain understandings that are highly personal yet collectively relevant. Our process will employ self-reflection, music, movement, writing, and curious fun, with the hope of yielding meaning and pleasure for all.


Participant volunteers in the May 2021 pilot ensemble are asked to commit to two Zoom calls (as a group) as well as individual observations during the week(s) between those calls. Based on outcomes, a longer-term project may be undertaken. While it is hoped that participants in the pilot project will want to participate in the longer project, there is no obligation to do so.

For millennia, the question “Who am I” has been addressed by artists, philosophers, scientists, mystics, and seekers of all sorts.
In the 20th century, the Enneagram of Personality emerged as one of countless means for self-understanding. Arising as a (mostly) undisclosed blend of spiritual belief and psychological theory, the Enneagram of Personality defines nine personality “types” in terms of nine “passions” or “fixations,” with the idea that a more authentic self lays beyond those nine types.



I've explored and learned from the Enneagram of Personality over the last two decades. Although it is influenced by the cultural biases of those who developed it, the work holds some broadly applicable insights into many dominant personality patterns of modern people.

From my point of view, the Enneagram of Personalty lost touch with its mystical roots as sacred geometry. Nine-pointed geometries have arisen at different times in recorded history and were (apparently) used as a tool of expansion by ancient mystery schools. This became apparent to me in 2018, when the Enneagram, as a sacred geometry, began 'opening up.'

Following an inner vision, I explored what arose in my awareness when the geometry was expanded from nine points to twelve. This re-shaped geometry showed itself to be a Wheel of Wisdom and brought a flood of insights into the evolutionary movement of human character. This Wheel of Wisdom appears to herald an emergent paradigm in which individual and collective wisdom will unlock new ways of living in balance with life's mysteries. It is the combined power of the individual and the collective that this research project seeks to learn from and express.



If you feel drawn to explore this uncharted territory, please contact me by April 15, 2021 to learn more.