Weekend of Appreciating

Our Internal & External Nature


Join us for One Day or Two!

Saturday May 25 - 10am to 5pm 

Sunday May 26 - 10am to 4pm





Both Days = $210*

Saturday Only = $105*


*reduced exchange is possible -- don't be shy to inquire! 

Deming, WA

(a beautiful 30-minute drive from Bellingham)

Appreciate the colorful intelligence of Nine Primary Shades of human personality, from a Soul perspective. Identify Three Instincts, Feelings, and Questions that have shaped us, and explore Three Keys that can reliably free us from outdated habits and liberate our innate creativity.


This is a fresh, embodied approach to the Enneagram of Personality that fosters exceptionally warm communities in which people touch deeply into themselves and safely share with others. Doing so cultivates rich connection and insight that enhances life and relationships.


Set aside scholarly learning, relax into the beauty of nature, and playfully explore the Wisdom that wants to be lived and shared through YOU. Enjoy co-creating and drawing support from heart-opening community on beautiful, sacred land by the Nooksack River, at the foothills of Mt. Baker.

You can learn more about my work with the Enneagram here then feel free to ask me your questions. I hope you'll join me and a evolving community for this nourishing weekend!

Creative Catalyst Calls

Twice-monthly inspiration and support for 
growing and expanding your being

Twice-Monthly This Spring

 April 8 & 22 | May 13 & 28* | June 10
7:00 to 8:30 PM


Suggested Exchange $15—25/drop-in
(or whatever amount best aligns with your heart and budget)

*May 28 is a Tuesday, due to Memorial Day Holiday


Join us for spring evenings of embodied meditation, poetic inspiration, and open-hearted reflection with other bright souls during this time of collective metamorphosis. Our evenings are an individual and collective exploration of a theme. Typically, I'll offer a reading or story that catalyzes contemplative discussion, as a group. Then a guided, meditative journey brings that theme back inside, where you can plant it, like a seed, to continue growing.


These evenings are an opportunity to be more deeply present, slower, thoughtful, and vulnerable...with self and others. They are a means to re-member ourselves as we wish to be more often in our lives. Join us in making good use of technology to genuinely connect.

Your committed participation will certainly enhance the experience, but you need not attend all evenings to participate!


The Wisdom Circle
Spring 2019 - Spring 2020

Four Seasonal Retreats Near Bellingham WA + Online Resources & Gatherings

What is the story you are here to live into? Do you have the emotional, mental and physical support you need to live your soul's calling? 


We need each other to re-member ourselves as whole, powerful, and free. Only in community will we birth a future that is whispering our potential.

In the Wisdom Circle, we become a living 'wheel of wisdom,' sharing deep presence, receiving a wealth of resources, and dedicating ourselves to revealing and embodying essential Wisdom that's been hidden in plain sight. Together we access restorative power far beyond what we can on our own. This healing energy strengthens and inspires us to appreciate, develop, and share our gifts, to serve the world through the simple truth of our lives. 


Ask a question or just say hello...

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