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Belonging is your superpower.

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Hello and welcome!

Many people equate belonging with fitting-in. My invitation here is to consider that fitting-in is actually the antithesis of belonging. Whereas fitting-in is conditional, belonging is the unconditional, felt sense that you are welcome to be exactly as you are, however you are.

The Wheel of Wisdom is an oracle that expresses the sacred geometry of belonging that is at play within all of us. It is here to help you activate your rootedness, your security, and your purpose...and to fully experience your belonging.

Belonging is energizing and harmonizing, and empowers you to trust life. When you recognize and feel your deep connection to the world inside and around you, your energy and creativity soar, and you effortlessly respect yourself, others, and the natural world.

In this time of Great Turning, the Wheel is here to help humanity recognize and honor our place in the Universe, so we can collaborate with life's benevolent forces and create a better future, together.

~ Helen

Creative Catalyst
Bellingham + Seattle, WA
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