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2023 - Febrary Belonging Retreat for Women.jpg

a weekend of feminine nourishment and
encounters with our deepest ways of Knowing & 

February 17, 18 & 19, 2023
Cedar Springs Lodge & Retreat Center
Skagit River Valley, Washington State

In this weekend we'll explore the Wheel of Wisdom's Archetypes of Belonging using Systemic Constellations, a healing modality that uses our bodies as instruments of subtle intelligence. Systemic or Family Constellations make visible the hidden dynamics of any living system—such as a family, organization, city, or even a forest—by accessing the field of consciousness governing that system.


I’ve repeatedly experienced how surfacing something hidden or including something that’s been rejected within a constellation has healing effects. For my theory about the legacy of belonging and how we will use constellations to experientially understand and shift our inherited sense of belonging, read my post here.


You’ll be staying in the Lodge at my current home, Cedar Springs, situated along Day Creek in the Skagit River Valley, about 90-minutes north of Seattle. I’ll be your host and facilitator of our formal gathering times, and we will each contribute our unique presence, gifts, and innate intelligence to the weekend experience.

While we will be working in the realm of the entire human family, each of our individual families is a microcosm or holographic component of that greater whole, and will therefore be reflected within and influenced by our work.

Although we will be a small group of people, the power of our consciousness is mighty. History shows that all shifts in consciousness begin with small groups of people. A single stone dropped in a body of water can generate vast concentric ripples across the whole.

Below you’ll find the details of my invitation. If you feel pulled toward this offer, I hope you will take the leap and join us—there are only a few spaces left!

Dates: Friday, February 17 -  Sunday, February 19, 2023  (Monday 2/20/23 is President’s Day)

(1) Deepen our embodied understanding of Belonging; (2) make visible the energies and dynamics of belonging within our individual and collective psyches; (3) and imprint the collective field of consciousness with a greater sense of wholeness. 


  • You only need a willingness to sense and share your own experience, in simple and safe ways. No prior experience with Family/Systemic Constellation required.

  • Up to 14 women

  • Two people can have a solo room, others will share a room

  • Organic, wholesome meals will be created by chef Janna Taylor 
    (Mother's Roots Specialty Catering) 

  • Arrive anytime between 1-4pm on Friday

  • Leave anytime between 3-6pm on Sunday

Financial Exchange:
Current market rates are close to double the prices listed below, yet I want to operate differently. This is an experiment in "affordability for many." Included in the following base-costs are:

  1. Six exquisitely prepared meals

  2. Two nights lodging with all linens (and our cleaning crew fee)

  3. Access to nearly 50 acres of wild stillness and beauty

To make this an “affordable for many” weekend, my request is that those who can make an additional donation of any amount you choose. Doing so will support and encourage my labor of love and help make the offering more accessible to others! 🧚‍♂️

  • Solo room w/ attached private bath  $450

  • Solo room w/ remote shared bath  $400

  • Shared room w/ attached private bath  $375

  • Shared room w/ hallway shared bath  $325

Flow of the Weekend:
We will adjust the following plan as needed or inspired!


  • Arrive and settle in any time between 1 and 4pm

  • Share an evening meal

  • Gather to invoke the Mystery of Belonging via evening ceremony


  • Self-serve breakfast and time to walk the Land, move/dance in the “Big Room'“ sanctuary, or follow other desires

  • Gather for a late-morning Constellation activity

  • Share a mid-day meal, then time to explore on your own

  • Gather for a late-afternoon Constellation activity

  • Share an evening meal

  • Space for solitude, impromptu conversations, movement, song, etc. 


  • Self-serve breakfast and time to walk the Land, move/dance in the “Big Room'“ sanctuary, or follow other desires

  • Gather for a late-morning Constellation activity

  • Share a mid-day meal

  • Gather for final sharing and ceremonial completion of our time together

  • Depart at your own pace between 3 and 6pm


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