Often the heart and mind disagree. Fervently.

 — Chip & Dan Heath


GUIDANCE for Soulful Living

We collaborate in ways that help you to reliably access your highest creative intelligence. In this process you are empowered to discover, feel, and release the stuck energy that all of us build up over a lifetime.


You’ll be aided to develop new perspectives of yourself as both a human and spiritual being, and transform outdated patterns of living and relating. Tools and frameworks you receive will help you anchor new insights and experiences in practical ways that cultivate new ways of living from a deep sense of purpose.

You'll be supported to set clear intentions that will guide our work together, which your can refine or re-direct at any time. 


COACHING for Unconventional Leadership

With the aim of growing your leadership effectiveness, we’ll create a coaching relationship that helps you see your own ‘blind spots,’ grow your relational capacity, draw out the talents of others, and create a culture of trust and innovation.


Coaching engagements provide short-term support for specific personal or organizational objectives. You can also schedule periodic, on-going check-ins to help you navigate the ups and downs of cultivating a healthy and thriving work culture.


MENTORING for Courageous Facilitation 

Together we design a mentoring relationship that gives you inspiration, reflection, and encouragement to step into (or further evolve) your healing, coaching, or facilitating practice.


Mentoring engagements can be designed as concentrated support to launch or advance your professional practice. We can also structure sessions as periodic peer supervision, providing the essential counsel/reflection all professionals benefit from, yet is mostly overlooked by professionals practicing outside the traditional contexts for 'professional supervision’ and mandatory 'professional development.'


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