Feeling is the best hearing,

the best instrument for recording meaning.

 — Malidoma Patrice Somé


ENCOURAGEMENT for Inspired Living

This work helps you access your own embodied wisdom. You'll learn inspired ways of living and relating that are centered and infused with a sense of purpose.


Sessions provide nourishing and catalytic support to access your highest creative intelligence. You are empowered to discover, feel, and release patterns that no longer serve you. Simple yet profound practices, and compassionate reflection, promote your natural evolutionary process.


This work typically begins with a 15-minute introductory call.
An initial session of 90 minutes, plus a short series of 60-minute sessions are often a sufficient catalyst to take the next step on your evolutionary path. You determine what you need.


COACHING for Creative Leadership

Leaders have an opportunity to model and foster healthy power. When you access your creative, collaborative self, you inspire and empower your team to do the same. Learning to use magnetism, rather than unconscious styles of manipulation, you cultivate new levels of trust, cooperation, and innovation in your places of influence.


Leadership coaching begins with a 15-minute intro call.
A short-term, goal-oriented series of sessions is tailored to meet your circumstances. You choose the level of support you desire.


PEER-SUPPORT for Guidance-Related Professionals  

Coaches, alternative healers, facilitators, and way-showers can inadvertently "take on"what is not ours to carry and "project" what is not beneficial onto our clients. Professional peer-support helps you to stay healthy, balanced, and compassionate in your role. (I value my own peer-support!)


Peer-support begins with a 15-minute intro call
If we decide to work together, we will co-create a relational container that supports you to recognize and stay accountable to your own highest wisdom. You decide the intervals of support needed to stay balanced and refreshed in your work with others.