Our 2017 Spring/Summer Series is now full. Please be in touch to learn about opportunities in the Fall!


Our guided meditation circle is grounded in the body and powered by community.

Together we share a nourishing quality of presence that’s uncommon, yet so needed in our modern lives. Participants consistently report they can access deep states of meditation in our circle that they do not experience alone or with other groups.

Join us in this collective exploration and…

•   Deepen your meditation practice or receive support to begin

•   Nourish the body and access the quiet wisdom of soul

•   Receive the gifts of meditating in heart-opening comm-unity

You’re welcome to join us for any or all evenings. Just sign-up using the links below.


The Tummy Temple, 3rd Floor Lounge
2016 NE 65th Street | Seattle, WA 98115

Offered on a “dana” basis, you are invited to pay the amount that aligns with your heart and budget.

Dana (generosity) practice in the Buddhist tradition is a monetary offering for teachings. Rather than payment for services rendered, it is a gift from the heart. Your practice of generosity is not only supportive to me (as the meditation guide), it’s supportive to our community of meditators, to the broader community, and to your own being.


Our 2017 Spring/Summer Series is now full. Please be in touch to learn about opportunities in the Fall!


Word of mouth from the 2016 Spring/Summer Series…

“At the start of each session, Helen asks us how we are feeling and then she uses this feedback from everyone to guide us into a most peaceful, beautiful space. And at the end, I feel like we emerge from our meditation as a connected, loving community.” – David G.


“I really love this meditation circle. I notice your intuition and how you use it to sense what people need every time, as well as the positive energy that radiates around you. I definitely intend to continue in the fall.” – Einat A. 


“What I appreciate most about this circle is Helen’s voice and ease of being. Very organic and soothing. Very ahhhh…” – Sally O.


“I truly cannot think of anything that might improve my experience, which seems to get better each time…[I appreciate] Helen’s gentle coaching and guidance and the beautiful, meditative exploration that she leads (different every time), combined with the extraordinary circle of friends and fellow travelers, many of whom I cannot wait to see again.” – Meegan M.


“Helen is fantastic. Calming with emphasis on empathy and connection with others in the group. And she was happy to stick around afterward when some of us needed to talk.” – Participant